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Act now and ask WA Premier Alan Carpenter to protect the Kimberley from industrialisation
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Dear Teri,

Help protect the Kimberley wilderness from industrialisation

The Kimberley wilderness coast is internationally recognised as one of the last great unspoiled marine and terrestrial environments in the world.

The Kimberley's clean seas, countless islands, coral reefs, mangroves, rainforests and rivers are home to an astonishing variety of wildlife including endangered humpback whales, 5 species of marine turtles, dugong, crocodiles, rare snubfin dolphins, and the northern quoll. The Kimberley coast also has outstanding cultural values for the region's many Indigenous communities.

From June to November each year, endangered humpback whales make their way to calving grounds just north of Broome, where they stay for four months with their calves. This special whale nursery area needs to be protected from the damaging impacts of industry.

The urgent reality is that right now several companies, including Inpex (a Japanese energy company) and Woodside Ltd, have submitted proposals to develop the Browse Basin gas field to the State and Commonwealth governments. The impacts of industrialisation, including proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, would destroy one of the last large and remote coastal wilderness areas left in the world.

This government needs to commit to:

  • science-based regional conservation planning and management using whole-of-landscape principles
  • strong involvement of the Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities in land and sea management programs
  • ruling out incompatible large scale industrial activity

Some proposed forms of industrial activity, such as gas processing (LNG) plants on the wilderness coast, huge bauxite mines on the Mitchell Plateau, and large scale irrigated agriculture in the Fitzroy valley, should be ruled out straight away as incompatible, destructive, and inherently unsustainable.

Please make your voice heard and send a message to the Premier Carpenter now!

Thanks for taking action!

Peter Robertson
WA State Coordinator


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