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[Update] On October 2, 2007, the Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull approved the pulp mill. The conservative estimates of the greenhouse gas emissions expected to be attributed to the logging necessary to feed this mill and its wood fired power station equate to at least 10 million tones of CO2 each year. This represents at least 2% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions or placing an additional 2.3 million cars on the road each year.

The batttle to protect the environment is far from over. You are invited to make a comment and sign our cyberaction which will be sent to Mr Turnbull and Mr Garrett.

Help protect Tasmania's future - send a message to Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Garrett about Gunns Ltd's pulp mill now

Tasmanian woodchipping giant Gunns Ltd wants to build a massive chemical pulp mill in northern Tasmania. This forest-hungry pulp mill will be a disaster for our climate, wildlife and future. It will also dump thousands of tonnes of poisonous effluent into Bass Strait every day, threatening marine life, tourism and the fishing industry.

This proposal was being assessed by the independent Resource Planning and Development Commission (RPDC), until Gunns withdrew from the agreed assessment process earlier this year and entered into a fast-tracked approval process with the State Government. As a result the contributions of dozens of experts critical of the pulp mill's impacts have been sidelined.

Despite the public outrage over the fast-tracked approval process, Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that his Department has recommended conditional approval for the pulp mill. Mr Turnbull invited public comment on this recommendation. Submissions closed at 5pm, Friday 31 August.

However, even after these submissions have closed, you can still have your say about this mill. Please make your voice heard and send a message to Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Garrett now!

'Permit for pollution'

The draft conditions recommended by Mr Turnbull's department on the mill's approval are almost meaningless. Emission limits have been set at those described by Gunns in its documentation. The draft 'conditions' simply allow Gunns to discharge the organochlorines, dioxins and other contaminants at the levels already proposed.

A fatal flaw in the pulp mill proposal is the lack of reliable data available to assess the impacts of 64,000 tonnes a day of poisonous effluent being released into Bass Strait. The Department's solution? Approve the pulp mill anyway, and ask Gunns to conduct further studies.

The other major flaw in this conditional approval is that the impact of this massive pulp mill on our native forests is not being considered.

Mr Turnbull is at pains to say that he has not yet accepted his department's recommendation. This is where you can make a difference! Urge Minister Turnbull and his Federal counterpart Peter Garrett to reject the proposed mill.

I need you to take urgent action TODAY. By completing the form opposite you will send a submission to Environment Minister Turnbull and Shadow Environment Minister Garrett asking them NOT to approve this mill because:

  • a full consideration of the impacts of this mill on Tasmania's native forests and the habitat of our wildlife has not been carried out;
  • an independent hydrographical assessment of the flow and dispersal of effluent in Bass Strait is yet to be undertaken; and
  • there are no safe levels of dioxins and other persistent organic pollutants, and no approval should be given that allows discharge of these poisonous chemicals into Bass Strait and the ecosystems of our precious sea life.

You can also send and / or share your own thoughts and opinion, by completing the 'My Personal Message' box. This will grow into a compendium of public opinion on the federal assessment of this proposed pulp mill.

Please take action now! Thank you for your support - every voice counts!

Geoff Law
Tasmanian Campaign Coordinator
The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc

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Please send my message to Minister Turnbull and Shadow Minister Garrett asking them not to approve the proposed pulp mill.


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