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Thanks to you, and thousands of others, we've managed to make the proposed Kimberley industrial LNG complex at James Price Point a national issue!

On Monday 21st June the proposed Kimberley gas complex was the focus of
ABC's Four Corners program, yet Woodside Ltd - one of the five companies behind the LNG complex - is charging ahead; we've learnt that right now they are seismic testing in the Humpback whale nursery near Broome.

That's where you come in!

Imagine thousands of people from Broome to Melbourne to Los Angeles sending their message straight into the inboxes of the CEO's of Woodside, BP, Shell, Chevron and BHP Billiton.

Several of these companies (Chevron, Shell, BHP) have expressed strong reservations about the Kimberley proposal - mostly due to economic factors - but they are being steamrolled by Woodside and the WA government.

We can make sure these oil and gas companies don't destroy the Kimberley coast - and don't support Government threats to confiscate land that is under Native Title claim.

The truth is there are viable alternatives to a Kimberley coast industrial site. The companies can use floating LNG technology or pipe the gas to existing infrastructure to the south (in the Pilbara). They just need some persuading.

Please act now! Tell the CEO's of Woodside, BP, Shell, Chevron and BHP Billiton that you want them to learn from the recent oil spill disasters and leave the Kimberley coast unspoiled.

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The big oil and gas companies are heading towards a disastrous decision but the Rudd Government isn't helping matters - back in December Resources Minister Martin Ferguson threatened to strip the companies' gas leases if they didn't start investing in the Kimberley site.

Here's what needs to happen:

  • The companies must state clearly and publicly that they wont go to the Kimberley coast because it is economically unattractive, environmentally destructive and strongly opposed locally;

  • Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson must remove his unprecedented lease conditions (which pressure the companies to go to the Kimberley);

  • Governments must commit to ensuring economic benefits from any Browse Basin gas development flow to Kimberley communities regardless of where LNG processing occurs.

Our Kimberley coast is one of the least impacted left on Earth, with mangrove forests, coral reefs and hundreds of islands - a marine wonderland that is home to threatened whales, turtles, dolphins, and dugong. It is truly unique.

Please take action today to tell Woodside, Shell, BP, Chevron and BHP Billiton that they are not welcome on our Kimberley coast!

Yours for the protection of our last wild places,

Renae Williams
The Wilderness Society WA Inc.

Yes, count me in.

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