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The Tarkine forest is under threat from mining destruction.

Mining company Venture Minerals is planning an open-cut tin mine at Mount Lindsay in this very special region of northwest Tasmania. If it goes ahead, their proposed mine will destroy huge swathes of ancient rainforest.

And that's just the start. Venture Minerals have two other mine proposals currently before the Environment Minister.

With 56 exploration licenses held over the Tarkine, North-west Tasmania could end up like Western Australia’s Pilbara region - scarred by massive mines and criss-crossed with roads and processing infrastructure.

These forests draw thousands of visitors to Tasmania every year and support a thriving local tourism industry.

They also provide crucial habitat for threatened native species like the Tasmanian Devil and the Spotted Tailed Quoll.

Some places are just too special to destroy for short-term profit.

Please add your voice to the chorus. Tell Venture Minerals to stay out of the Tarkine wilderness.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Johnstone
Tarkine Campaigner
The Wilderness Society Inc

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