The Problem

The Problem: Nuclear energy

Nuclear power stations contain large amounts of extremely toxic material.

The Federal Government has backed calls for 25 nuclear power stations in Australia, which will create 45,000 tonnes of long-lived radioactive waste over 60 years, including plutonium - the most dangerous man-made substance.

Yet, after 50 years, the nuclear power industry still has no proven method to safely dispose of highly toxic radioactive waste anywhere in the world.

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The Solution

The Solution: Renewable energy

Safe, clean, cheaper solutions to climate change are available now!

Renewable energy: large-scale solar, wind and geothermal energy already exist.
Energy efficient buildings and appliances already exist.

Renewable energy backed up by gas can provide baseload power in Australia, as it does overseas. The Federal Government needs to act now to remove the barriers to large-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency in Australia.

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Act now for future generations

The Wilderness Society’s nuclear free campaign was established to overturn John Howard’s nuclear plans for Australia and to promote the real solutions to climate change: energy efficiency and domestic renewable energy. With the Labor victory in the November 2008 federal election, the campaign is no longer needed in its current form. This is a huge relief!

As our Say Yes! to a Nuclear Free Australia campaign closes down, thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, through signing our online petition, signing our pamphlet, texting us, or simply casting a vote against a nuclear future.